inventory updated 04-26-2016    12:15 pm


We've got some news to share: Joe and Saskia and I (Paul) have sold MotoJava, the motorcycle shop we started together 13.5 awesome years ago. (It was originally also a cafe, but we sold that part within the first year of operation. The cafe continues under a different name).
MotoJava will continue, in the capable hands of our friends Lucy, Moto Mike, and Mike's wife Kimberly, but April is the last month Joe and Saskia and I will be running things. We've already sold all of the motorcycles, but will still squeeze in a few more tune ups before we go.

Why? Joe and Saskia have decided to retire, and I'm going to go work for a shop in Berkeley that restores vintage European race cars and sports cars. Thanks folks, it's been absolutely as much fun as we had hoped it would be. We leave you in good hands.

MotoJava is located at the corner of 9th st and Bryant

498 9th St. San Francisco, CA 94103
or call us: (415) 255-9527

We're a licensed used motorcycle dealer, accessories shop and repair shop. The cafe is run independently by the folks next door, these days.